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39) Help! A single word that carries a strong message. Trying to navigate this life on our own is impossible. We need help & guidance. God has it ready for you, if you’ll just ask Him. Why not ask? What have you got to lose? Ps. 121:1–2

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38) Sometimes we hold on to things that are worthless and even time-bound. We need wisdom and guidance to discern between worth and garbage. Ps 119:37 Don’t gain the world but lose your soul. Mark 8:36

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37) Death is hard. When a loved one dies, we yearn for their presence once again. Ps 116:15 tells us that God is on the other end of this yearning. He loves it when His children leave this world & join Him. You are precious to Him

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36) Much of what we see these days is anger, judgment & hostility. Ps 103 tells us that God crowns us with love and compassion. If God, Who knows everything about us, is compassionate toward us, we should give this gift to others, freely.

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35) There’s just something that is intriguing about evil. Satan, the underworld, mass murders, etc. Ps 97:10 admonishes to love God and hate evil. Sometimes we need to place the evil beside the ultimate Good and realize how bad evil is.

Susan Grant

Susan Grant

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